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Unique Stones
for Special Projects

Whether it is an interior space, an exterior pavement, a bathroom or a kitchen, a unique stone will always be a piece of art in your space.

Working with architects, technicians, artists and different people for the last 25 years has offered us a vast experience in marble and applications. Our cooperation with the world's major quarries enables us to reserve pieces of stone that stand out among the rest, either due to their sheer size or due to their natural beauty.

" Where others see stones I see pieces of art and I imagine worlds and stories ready to come to light and become yours"

I remember myself as a child wandering through the beautiful stones of our family business. I immediately developed a unique relationship to stones, being drawn by the fascinating randomness of these materials, a randomness which soon started being translated into stories and characters. By studying Mineral Resources Engineering with a Master’s in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces and then Architecture, I solidified this instinct with a deep knowledge. MONO Rocks is the culmination of this journey from childhood to maturity, and the place where future stories will be told along with you. Welcome to MONO Rocks and enjoy our collection.